Lack of exercise


They always say that exercise is a vital part of your daily routine. So many things go wrong when you ditch that out of your schedule. I completely believe in that, though I think that one of the most important things is clearing out your head and having some one on one time with yourself.

I haven’t had the time to exercise the way I had done before, no excuses it is purely my fault. But I noticed that it made me become a much more grumpy person sometimes, more moody, sleepy,  and made me feel continuously inadequate in one way or another.

Running at dawn used to be my favorite exercise, favorite time of the day. It felt like everyday was truly a fresh start. It gave me time to think about everything that I had faced and reflect on it. I was more focused and goal-oriented.

It gets annoying when you’re angry all the time, don’t know how to deal with stress and specially if by nature you’re a person who holds everything in and neglects the negative effect that has later on. When you start noticing weird behavior coming out of someone who looks physically like you but just isn’t you.  When the person you love the most in the entire world repeatedly tells you that you have issues, attitude issues, and that one day it’ll make everyone close to you run away. Well for one thing that certainly hurts a lot.

Hearing it out of my mom’s mouth just kills me. I know it’s out of best interest, and usually I’m pretty good at fixing  things and talking to people, convincing them of whatever is in my head. The latter is seriously just some piece of cake for me. But I guess one gets to a point where it’s just too much at once, and everything starts getting screwed up with. I infinitely seek continuous improvement in all aspects of life starting with myself, but I seem to lose track. Which is pretty annoying. The stress of having to wait for a reply that will judge my fate for next semester, and not getting any for quite a while is just really frustrating.

I understand d that these things are things that I share with a lot of other people. Or maybe it’s just me. Either way I decided to share it to examine that and to bring up some attention to the topic.

Exercise is not just about getting fit and looking your best, it’s vital for the optimal functionality of all of your organs as well as the advancement or stability of your mental and psychological health.

The big commitment or trap ?


There’s a lot on my mind to blog about nowadays. I had my face buried in books for some dumb research project. So while searching for them I found a book called the “rules of engagement” which I thought is pretty interesting. I haven’t read the whole thing yet but there are some starting points that I thought I’d share with you guys. The book is in arabic, and so I thought why not write the post in arabic so here we go.

الكتاب بيحكي عن كيف انه زمان كان الواحد اذا بدو يرتبط أول خطوة بتكون انه ببادروا بالخطبة كرمال تيتعرفوا عبعض أكتر قبل ما يعلقوا. يعني مرحلة “التعارف” كانت الخطبة. أما بهالايام صار بدنا مرحلة تمهيد قبل اظهار الاعجاب و مرحلة تعارف قبل المصاحبة و بعدين مصاحبة و بعدين مماطلة مدري كم سنة قبل الخطبة و لبينما يوصلوا للزواج بكون صرلن أقل شي من 5 ل10 سنين بيعرفوا بعض و هيك و يمكن ما يتزوجوا.

كلنا سامعين أو مارقين بقصص علاقات طويلة بتنتهي بالفشل و بتسبب جروحات كتير يا أما لطرف واحد او للطرفين هني بغنى عنا. يا ترى نحن وين عم نغلط ؟ معدلات الطلاق ليه عم تعلى؟ أنا ما عم قول كل العلاقات اللي هيك بتفشل بس في كتير منا بيفشل. طب يا ترى شو السبب؟

لهلق و قبل ما كفي الكتاب أنا برأيي السبب هو الحس بعدم المسؤولية عند طرف أو الطرفين بالعلاقة. منرتبط تنتسلى و نشبع رغباتنا مش تنربط و نتزوج. حتقولولي اي ما تكبريا و خليكي كول. يا خيي أنا كتير cool بس صار لازم نعرف لوين حنوصل و نحن شو عم نعمل. بطل في كرامة, بطل في احترام، بطل في هيبة و لا خوف و لا شي. ليه؟ علمي علمكن.

أنا مع انه الواحد يتعرف أكتر عالشخص اللي بدو يرتبط في، بس مني مع el package اللي بيجي مع هيدي العلاقة. كل شي بوقته حلو. أو شو رأيكون؟



I’ve always wondered why passports and nationalities were so important. Does it define who we are? Or does it just give people an idea of the background you come from. Is it a vital piece of information to be shared ? be proud of ? or maybe ashamed?!!

Patriotism is a nice thing but everything has limits. We tend to generalize a lot when it comes to race/ethnicity/nationality. Like oh these people X are all thieves, people Y are too lazy, people Z never are all stinky. I bet some nationalities popped into your head just reading that regardless if you approve of it or not.

We have grown into an era of mixed families where on family consists of several nationalities. And when this can be something truly beautiful it can also cause a bit of an identity crisis. Where do you belong? Do you have to define yourself? What if your passport does not portray who you are or does not define your sense of belonging? Why do you have to be judged according to it or according to anything at all ??

We run towards foreign countries striving to get their names on our passport when they are everything but who we are. Why ? political crisis, better jobs, pensions, medical on and so forth. All because our lovely countries have failed to provide us with our basic needs.

It makes no sense and since i’m all about math then let’s put this into an equation and see if we could make sense out of it.

YOU + 20 years experience + Current passport = current pay check

YOU + 20 years experience + Foreign passport = current paycheck* 4

cool right? not really. hayda bisamo “almod7ik al mobki” the funny tragedy.

I wonder how things would be like in 20 years. Will we still be alive? Will there be a third world war? will our lives get better or worse? the economy? children? diseases? homosexuality ? homophobia?? oh well.



“I love you, but this needs to end”. Because fuck logic ma hek hahaha. Walla I don’t know how to respond to someone who says that. “I still have feelings for you, bas la la this has to end” . “Tab let’s try a break?” “Its too early for a break” “How is it too early for a break and not too early to end it? ”

What you had just read is a convo between a couple who had recently broke up. Funny ain’t it hahaha.

The reason I’m writing this post is because I wanted to say that when someone loves someone they’d do anything to be with them. Second, third, fourth chance whatever it takes. Leh ? you may ask. Because, in any relationship  both parties are compromising el mafrood y3ne and we all make mistakes.

Msh lezim nou2af 3al da2ra, and to keep creating a fuss out of everything. At the same time, both have to understand that sometimes one needs his own space, and that everyone passes through hard times that he may or may not want to share with others.

You still don’t know me, you’ve seen nothing yet, i’m full of imperfections and so are you. But I never gave them weight. You on the other hand overlooked everything but them.

Life goes on.


Alright, so i’m gonna start up by saying that yes i’ve JUST watched the internship – the movie. This spring break I realized that there has been a lot I’ve wanted to do that I haven’t had the chance to. Some because I’ve been too afraid to fail, and some because I thought it’d be my best chance at success.

I haven’t talked to my boyfriend in about two weeks, we got into a fight and we haven’t been together for a long time so I guess this means it’s over. I don’t know what will happen next, but for a while I actually thought that he was the one. Now I realize he’s not worth my time or emotion.

I started doubting myself a little, but no there are many things that I hate about him that I was putting up with for the sake of our relationship. Well that isn’t gonna work anymore.

I was never that type of person though, I take risks, I explore, I learn, I make mistakes, and I learn. I gotta say though it never took me so little time to get over someone. I miss him and his presence but it’s time for me to channel my energy in another direction.

Keeping my options open is never a wrong thing to do. Four years ago I’d never imagined being the person I am today and I’m proud of that. A bunch of bad experiences coupled with determination to achieve are the foundation of success.

Don’t be afraid. Never be afraid. It is not failure that brings you down, it is fear of failure.

Not Good Enough For You



I make her smile. I make her happy. But that’s not good enough for you.
I put her first, above all else. But that means nothing to you.
I’ve done the impossible plus one to keep her safe and sound. But I am the only danger you seek to protect her from.
I wake and sleep and dream and breathe nothing but her. But that is a sickness to you.

Although I can’t protect her from the woes of the world, I would die a thousand deaths before I let a single tear trace its way down her cheek. But how horrible it must be that they are feminine fingers that wipe her tears away.

What is it that you want for her? To be loved? I love her. To be respected? I respect her. To be well-treated? I will never mistreat her. Is it more basic? Is it rooted…

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